Franklin – Me and My Friends

Hello, and welcome to my rather blank; but hopefully soon-to-be exciting blog.

My name is Franklin Thomas, and I am a serial entrepreneur, founder of three companies operating globally, and avid fitness enthusiast.

Me, Myself and My Hobbies

I’m the type of guy who stacks hobbies left, right and center. I take on a new hobby once a month it feels like, but some hobbies have been with me through the course of my whole life.

My favorite hobbies to date include:

  • Inversion Therapy (the art of hanging upside down, inverted, to relieve pressure on the back. I use this as a way of meditating and deep relaxation). For a comprehensive guide on inversion tables, definitely go out and check some of the articles lying on the web. One of my friends, Daniel James, actually runs his own blog.
  • Cooking (Oh boy, I have a myriad of kitchen equipment available to me. I have dozens of appliances, ranging from vacuum sealers to food processors. I couldn’t live without any of them.)
  • Swimming, Jogging and Sprinting – Heck, I’m a fitness freak. Every day, I either swim, jog or go for the ultra-fast sprint across town. Whether I’m sprinting for my morning Costa Coffee, or simply jogging to my hearts content, you’ll often find me sweating and struggling to breath.
  • Watching Netflix. I’m seriously a Netflix addict. You’ll often find me hanging upside down on my inversion table while tuning into a new American TV show; my favorites to date being the almighty Breaking Bad and of course, Game of Thrones. If you were to ask me which one is my absolute favorite, I’d have to decline the opportunity to answer. Breaking Bad and GoT are both perfect; while hanging upside down, of course (did I mention I love Inversion Therapy??).

I’ll be updating this blog in the coming days, weeks and months and sharing a little glimpse into the fairly hectic life that I live. In between flying first class across the Atlantic into New York, Vegas and even Germany, I like to divulge my thoughts now and then.

I do have a keen eye for outstanding alcohol – such as flavored ciders and rums. I may just stomach up the energy to put together a post on my favorite ciders; perhaps that will show you just how much of a finesse lifestyle I have managed to acquire out here in sunny Hawaii.


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